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At Alvarez and Associates, we understand the particularities and challenges of the world of entertainment.

  • Contracts and licenses: We offer advice on the drafting and review of contracts, such as co-production, pre- and post-production contracts, and licenses for the use of music in films and television.
  • Rights management and audits: We advise publishers, record labels and audiovisual producers in the management of rights and auditing of copyright income, ensuring correct administration of royalties.
  • Sports law: We provide advice on issues related to sports law, including the representation of athletes, their image rights and the relationship with managers and sponsors.
  • Advertising, sponsorship and influencer contracts: We advise on the negotiation and drafting of advertising, sponsorship and agreements with influencers, artists and athletes.
  • Right over the image: We offer advice on the authorized and unauthorized use of images and we collaborate in managing the necessary permissions.
  • Advertising consulting and commercial loyalty: We provide consulting and review of advertising pieces, considering aspects of intellectual property and commercial loyalty, especially in spreads, raffles and promotions.
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